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"Serving Our Courts & Community"

Private Investigator & Courier Service Boston, MA

Our Vision

When owner Mark Ianuzzi first established Ianuzzi & Associates in 2007, his goal was simple. He wanted to turn Ianuzzi & Associates into the premier legal support service company in the state. It has since blossomed into much more than he originally anticipated.


Ianuzzi & Associates specializes in serving legal documents on behalf of private individuals, law firms, property management companies, property owners, and others. We also lend a hand to those in need of courier service in Massachusetts and we can even connect you to the best  private investigators in Massachusetts.


No matter what you need Ianuzzi & Associates to do for you, we use the experience we have to ensure you’re satisfied with our services. Whether that’s serving legal documents as quickly as possible, or walking you through the eviction process, we’re equipped to set you up with the best constable services in the state.


Our Owner

As a high school student, Mark Ianuzzi dreamed about a job in the legal field. His dreams led to him enrolling at Northeastern University and taking part in their Criminal Justice program in the hopes of one day working as an attorney. However, his career path changed and he eventually decided to become a constable. In 2007 he founded Ianuzzi & Associates.


Mark has since played a very important role in the constable community in Massachusetts. Since 2013, he has been the treasurer for the Massachusetts Constable Association. Operating since 1934, MCA is the oldest constable organization in Massachusetts. He has also continued to take part in constable training so he can stay up-to-date on all of the changes made to the laws regarding constable services. He trains MCA members as well and assists new constables throughout the state.


Our Services

If you need to serve someone with legal documents, Ianuzzi & Associates is the company you can turn to for help. You can also trust us to be your courier service in Massachusetts or your connection to the best private investigators in Massachusetts. We offer many other constable services, too, like:


• Subpoena Service

• Notary Public Services

• Evictions and Notices to Quit

• And More


Our Promise

Ianuzzi & Associates has grown greatly as a legal process serving company over the last decade-plus. We remain as committed as ever to our original mission. We promise to provide you with the best possible constable services in the state, regardless of whether you need us to serve legal documents or be your courier service in Massachusetts. We also promise to do it with integrity, honesty, and professionalism in mind.


Contact Ianuzzi & Associates at 978-977-4770 if you’re searching for a company to serve legal documents, draft a subpoena, or notarize a document for you in Massachusetts.

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